Student-Athlete Spotlight

Senior soccer player is a keeper

Grace Cadorette brings hoops skills into goalie position


Grace Cadorette likes being a boss on the field.

Cadorette is a senior goalkeeper for the top-ranked Arapahoe High School soccer team and knows coaches on the sidelines and teammates on the field look for leadership from her.

“I kind of like being able to control the field in my own way,” said Cadorette. “Even though I might not have a direct impact, I'm kind of behind everyone's decision-making, and no matter if it is a game where I get a lot of touches or a game where I don't get many, I'm always involved from the other end of the field down to my end."

Cadorette was one of starters on the basketball team last winter but sprained her ankle during the closing part of the season.

“I'd probably say I'm more of a keeper than a basketball player but it's pretty even,” related Cadorette. “The way I see the court on the basketball court, where I see my teammates, that has helped me with soccer because it is easier for me to read the other team and see how my team moves.”

Key stats:

Cadorette is 4-0-1 in with two shutouts in seven games. She is third in the Centennial League with a 0.762 goals against average and her 3.7 saves per game rank fifth in the league.

Coach's take:

"She is an incredible athlete and one of the more intense competitors that I have coached on both the boys and girls sides. She has incredible hands and obviously basketball helps her with that and she has very, very quick feet. She's a poster child for the benefit of having a multi-sport athlete. That dual training has benefited her and obviously us."

Mark Hampshire

Arapahoe girls soccer coach

Q&A with Grace Cadorette

Who is your favorite athlete and why?

I would say my sister (Amanda) because she is very similar to me. She played basketball and soccer in high school and growing up as well. She had two ACL surgeries in high school. She just kind of inspired me that no matter how many days you are out here and how much you want to go home, it's all worth it.

What or who motivates you most to excel in soccer?

My teammates and my coaches, I have the goal to play well every time I'm out, but they are the ones that form the bigger goal like a state championship, and usually the better we are playing, the more fun we are having, and I love playing with them.

What would be a perfect performance in soccer?

It would be shutout and it wouldn't matter if I touched the ball 20 times or once.

What do you like to do away from sports and school?

I really enjoy the mountains. I love to snowboard, I ski, too, and hiking. I love dogs, so hiking with dogs.

What are your plans after high school?

I am going to go to CU-Boulder and hopefully play club soccer and study business or biology or chemistry.

What is your most memorable moment in high school sports?

Sophomore year when we made it to the state championship. I just remember the feeling when we lost that game and seeing all the seniors' faces and my own heart was broken. I just really want to get back there and have some redemption.

What is the toughest shot for you to defend as a keeper?

It is definitely easier for me to stretch out and dive because I feel like I am more athletic and agile. My weakness is definitely the high balls and hitting them over my head because I'm short and don't have much of a vertical leap.

Your feelings on the U.S. National Women's soccer team filing suit for equal pay with the men?

I have mixed feelings. Since I am a girl, I feel we should get paid just as much, but at the same time, the men bring in so much more revenue, and I guess that's why they get paid more. If the women brought in just as much, then why aren't they getting paid as much?

When did you start to concentrate on being a goalkeeper?

From when I started playing soccer and you had to rotate goalies through the entire team, my coaches always put me in because I guess I was one of the better ones. You kind of learn to grow at what you are good at, and as I got older with more pressure, I kind of enjoyed the high-pressure games.


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