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Letter: We have our own problems


The biased media and the Christian-hating ACLU are having a breakdown about immigrants and refugees while our own U.S. veterans - and our own citizens without jobs - of all races and ethnicities - are going without! 

Hmmm ... Maybe it's just more glamorous to do so, and these people think they're on a "higher moral ground" to worry about other nations before the problems of our own?

It's my right to want my tax dollars helping our own people first and that doesn't make me a bigot or fascist.

 Barb Adams



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Timothy James


You just spoke the desires of millions of Americans, I agree we help others if we can but we help ours first!!!

Thank You!


Thursday, February 2 | Report this
Tom Jeanette

We have the money and resources to help our own people, but Congress and our local governments refuse to fund the necessary programs.

Sunday, February 5 | Report this
Michael Arnold

The claim that the ACLU is Christian-hating is demonstrably false. The ACLU believes that the Constitution protects individual religious liberty and supports everyone who chooses to exercise that right. In 2010, the ACLU strongly opposed Colorado Springs School District 11’s policy that prohibited students from wearing religious symbols like rosaries outside their clothing. The comments of anyone claiming that the ACLU is Christian-hating should be viewed with great skepticism.

Tuesday, February 14 | Report this