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Letter to the editor: Immigration demands real solution


Immigration demands real solution

In last week's guest column, I found Jonathan's story compelling and worthy of praise for his hard work and commitment to making a better life for him and his family.

But in telling his story, and many like him, the argument over the immigration issue in this country is getting lost and thus no solution is in sight.

Yes, not all Dreamers are unproductive and dangerous (criminals).  But the plain hard truth and fact is that there are many who are that need to be detained, processed and deported.  Yet the Progressives and Democrats are unwilling to admit that and join Republicans in coming up with a bipartisian solution that truly benefits all of the citizens of this country and keep us safe.

What is so unreasonable about deportation of illegal immigrants who are criminals?  If we can at least agree and do something about that I believe there would be a bipartisian  permanent solution for the illegal immigrants who are here, productive and law abiding.  And it would be done the way it should have been done, through legislation in Congress and signed by the president, not the unconstitutional executive order by President Obama.

Yet from the Progressives and Democrats all we get is sanctuary city and state policies and roadblocks of cooperation with ICE that puts all of us in harms way.  There is no move on their part in solving the DACA issue.  And that is exactly what they want: no solution so they can keep it alive as a campaign issue.  They are using the illegal immigrants as pawns in their quest for power.

Finally, the other argument we always here is that the deportation of illegal immigrants is "not what our country is all about."  What I believe is getting lost and forgotten is that we are also a country of "rule of law."  

Greg Nierling



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