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Letter: Bad move by senator


I wrote our Senator, Cory Gardner, and implored him to not vote for Betsy DeVos as education secretary. I based my argument on the confirmation hearings where she displayed an almost complete ignorance of public school issues.

At the time of my writing the letter, I was unaware of the Center for American Progress report listing Cory Gardner as a recipient of $49,800 in campaign contributions from the DeVos family. Had I known that, I would have asked him to recuse himself from the vote because of ethics violations.

To the credit of Sen. Gardner's staff, shortly after his vote to confirm, I received a reply where he praises her as being a "long-time advocate for education reform." He apparently is unaware that in Douglas County our school board has made "education reform" a dirty word that means to destroy our public schools. 

Bob Hogan

Castle Rock


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You are lucky you even got a reply. I sent Cory a detailed note about a specific clause of the ACA repeal bill that was concerning. After over a week, all I got was a canned reply about him confirming the H&HS secretary?

Completely unrelated, and obviously my note was ignored. What's the point of having Congressmen that don't represent? You need big $ and time to get access to them.

The # of people represented by each Congressmen has gone up significantly since the government was formed. It seems like the ratio of reps/citizens should try to stay fairly constant.

Tuesday, February 14 | Report this

She's a great pick because she's not tainted by the old ways of creating great education for our kids. Being stuck in the past doesn't make it right or best. Public schools have many positive attributes and I'm a product of attending public schools here in CO. However, there are also a lot of problems with how funding is managed and the costs of that management. Being afraid of change isn't a reason to stand in the way of growth.

Friday, February 17 | Report this