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Letter: This plan won't help us


In a Q&A in last week's Centennial Citizen, Republican state Rep. Cole Wist lists "establishing . . . statewide construction litigation reform" as one of the two most important issues the Legislature must tackle in the new session.

Rep. Wist's plan - to sponsor "several construction litigation reform bills" - will certainly make his donors from the building and construction industries happy, but it will be a nightmare for homeowners trying to get their builders to repair leaky windows, sagging foundations and other construction defects. Taking away homeowners' rights to sue is not the answer to solving the affordable housing crisis (as the economy in Colorado continues to improve, demand for affordable housing will increase, and more condos will be built), all Rep. Wist's construction litigation "reform" bills will do is let builders off the hook for shoddy work.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that most of us are ever going to make. Please contact Rep. Wist, and tell him that he needs to put our interest, as homeowners, over the interests of his supporters in the construction industry. 

Stephen A. Justino



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