Letter to the editor

Letter: Learn to live with wildlife


Fox 31 recently did a story on the "growing coyote problem" in Centennial. 

The problem is not coyotes. The problem is suburban sprawl, with people moving here in droves and taking over what was once vacant land and wildlife habitat.

If people are grieving the loss of their pets to wildlife, they need to be take some responsibility and watch them, (especially smaller dogs) instead of making wildlife pay with its life when they are doing what nature intended. They cannot discern a prairie dog from a chihuahua. 

Several years ago, Greenwood Village residents were up in arms about their pets being "attacked" by coyotes (many had them off leash) and hired a shooter to kill coyotes in certain areas. That is never an answer and other coyotes will just take their place. 

We need to learn to peacefully coexist with native wildlife before we kill it all.

Barb Adams



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