Distillery missing beloved bathtub


Andrew Causey makes gin.

And rum.

And scotch.

Although the spirits he channels with partner Mitch Abate at the Downslope Distillery are far from the storied bathtub hooch made during Prohibition, he does keeps a bathtub around as a sort of a sentimental tribute to days gone by.

But as Causey opened his distillery the morning of July 7, he noticed something was missing.

That something was the 400-pound cast iron bathtub that used to welcome tourists and tasters to the Centennial-based small-batch distillery.

“I really had to just stop and do a double-take,” Causey said. “At first we thought we would get a ransom note, but we didn’t.”

Although the tub was old, he joked that it was not a claw-footed model, “so it probably didn’t walk off.”

The giant enameled vessel was actually a hand-me-down from a relative, and Causey thought that parking it in front of the distillery’s front entrance would spark a giggle and add a bit of period charm.

Causey said he never thought about bolting it to the ground, because, well, it weighs 400 pounds.

Hoping to catch a glimpse of the bathtub bandits in action, he checked with neighboring businesses that have security cameras.

“And of course, when we looked, all the cameras were pointed in every other direction except where we needed them,” he said with chuckle.

Causey cedes he didn’t report the incident to law enforcement, simply because he figured it was a lost cause and officers probably had a lot more important things to do than chase after his missing bathtub.

“I’m guessing by now it’s probably already chopped up and in the scrap pile, sold for the value of the metal,” he said with a sigh.

However, should the tub still be intact, Causey said he’d like to have it back.

No questions asked.

It’s more about the bathtub, he said, than trying to finger someone for petty theft.

“Really, I just want the bathtub back,” he said.

Causey said if anyone delivers the tub back — in one piece — to the distillery, he’d splurge for a round of drinks at the tasting table, no matter what the motive.

The only legal catch to his offer, of course, would be that everyone is old enough to drink.


Bathtub mystery

To report the whereabouts of the missing bathtub, contact:

Andrew Causey




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