Centennial streets to get $6 million facelift


Centennial streets will be getting a multimillion-dollar facelift this year.

Public works representatives presented city council with details of the 2013 Street Rehabilitation Program, approved for funding last November.

Planned for the spring and summer months, the $6.6 million project seeks to get the biggest bang for the city’s buck by using a variety of technologies, according to Deputy Director of Public Works Mike Conner.

“The life cycle of new pavement is about 25 to 30 years and after about 40 percent of its life, it only drops about 15 percent in quality and stays in relatively good condition,” explained City Engineer Michael Terry. “But at that point in time deterioration begins to accelerate.”

If no repairs are made by the time the pavement exhausts another 15 percent of its life, the quality deteriorates by 40 percent.

According to the city, the philosophy behind the program is to preserve as much pavement as possible to avoid more expensive repairs and construction in the future.

“Pavement preservation tells us if we spend a dollar now, after 40 percent of its life, then we can save that pavement,” Terry said. “But if we delay that cost, then it goes up almost eight times.”

In all, more than 31 miles have been earmarked for repair or construction.

Once the plan is approved by council and under way, the city said businesses and schools along the affected routes will be notified by letter. The city will supply door hangers to each household 24 to 48 hours before work commences.

Maps and lists of streets affected are available on the city’s website. Visit www.centennialcolorado.com, then select “listen to meetings” from the menu on the left. Residents may also call the city’s 24-hour public works hotline at 303-325-8000.


2013 Street Rehabilitation Program budget

Reconstruction            $290,000

Slurry seal                   $915,000

Repave                        $320,000

Mill and overlay            $4,125,000

Concrete repair            $910,000

Total:                        $6.6 million


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